Bird Seed Feeder

Bird Seed Feeder

Welcome to the Bird Seed Feeder! This industrial-grade feeder is perfect for all your bird feeding needs. We know birds love to eat, so we've got you covered with a 7" diameter x 28" high Silo and a 14" diameter x 2" high base. And if you need a different size, just let us know! We're flexible like that.

Squirrels ruining the fun? No worries, we've got an optional beveled top to keep those pesky critters out. We've thought of everything!

With (1) machine-grade eyebolt and (1) carabiner included, this feeder is easy to hang and ready to use. And we've got 4 wall thicknesses and 32 colors to choose from. Want something even more customized? Just ask! We love a challenge.

And we can't forget to mention that this feeder is made from food-grade plastic that's fully UV protected and recyclable. So not only will your feathered friends be happy, but you'll also be doing your part for the environment. So what are you waiting for? Feed those birds!

Price $197.25

Photo Credits

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