Cat Toy

Cat Toy

Always a good time when there’s an unusual inner ball around! Cats love these! The inner ball rolls around and smells; or it rolls around and makes a funny jingling noise! These Cat Toys are purrrrrr…. fect! Both the Scent Cat Toy and the Jingle Cat Toy are currently available in 24” outside diameter. Pick the color you want on the outside (sorry, the inner Ball color is up to us), pick the wall thickness, and we will do the rest.

To make sure the animals keep voting you as their favorite handler, as a standard feature on the Scent Cat Toy, we provide a protected scent enrichment Ball as the inner Ball on this product! Inside this inner Ball is a replaceable plastic basket that allows you to insert almost any scent you want. We supply the method; you supply the scent. On the Jingle Cat Toy, the inner Ball is filled with brass jingle bells. Once your furry friend starts moving the Jingle Cat Toy, they will be surprised that it will start jingling.

Caregivers: The inner Ball is very rigid, and it takes a lot of human effort to get it into the toy interior. However, please be aware that some animals, especially those with opposable thumbs, might be able to remove the inner Ball.

Photo Credits

Photo Courtesy of Chehaw Wild Animal Park
Photo Courtesy of Desert Plastics

  • Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by Jodi Thomas
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  • Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida