Looky Lou Marine

Looky Lou Marine

Looky Lou Marine, the perfect mirror for all your self-aware marine buddies! Whether you're a marine biologist or just someone who loves hanging out with dolphins, this mirror is for you.

Featuring a single mirror (unless you opt for the 10" diameter version, which comes with two!), all holes are sealed to keep out any unwanted water. And speaking of water, our mirrors are sealed to prevent any damage caused by prolonged exposure to salty seawater. You can rest assured that your Looky Lou Marine will last you a long time!

Our mirrors are available in two materials: PETG, a highly reflective plastic that comes with two polycarbonate covers for added protection, and polished stainless steel, which is unbreakable and available for special order. Each mirror is recessed into the body for added safety, and to limit the amount of flex that the mirror can "see," we leave as much of the housing as possible behind the mirror to gain further part strength and reduce mirror flex.

With 4 wall thicknesses and 32 colors to choose from, you'll find the perfect match for your marine pal's personality. And if that's not enough, we offer lots of customization options at no extra charge!

So whether you're working with dolphins or hanging out with sea turtles, Looky Lou Marine is the perfect mirror for all your self-aware marine friends. Call us today to get yours!

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Photo Courtesy of Mystic Aquarium
Photo Courtesy of Fort Wayne Childrens Zoo

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