Tie (2) Balls together with one continuous length of 1” diameter rope. Throw some jingle bells into each ball and you’ve got a “Two-Timer”! It will exercise your aquatic animals because it takes effort to drag it through the water. It will delight all animals because it produces a very audible “jingle” sound as it is moved. The Balls make a “knocking” sound when they hit each other. It is convenient to play with. It easily rolls with the swat of a paw. The protruding rope provides a handle to move it.

Healthy exercise. Audible enrichment. Fun enrichment. Feeder enrichment.

You can select the colors from a palette of (33) colors. We can build a custom Two-Timer with more Balls. We can change the Ball sizes. We can change the rope diameter and length. Heck, we can do almost anything!

How about a Two-Timer with a 17” small Ball in the center surrounded by a 25” larger Jingle Ball on both sides. Should we change the name to “Three-Timer”? Probably.

This will make it easier for a large cat to pick it up and carry the jingle toy around. The combinations are many and, like the famous hamburger slogan, you really can “have it your way."

Photo Credits

Photo Courtesy of Elephant Nature Park in Thailand
Photo Courtesy of Alaska Zoo

  • Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by Jodi Thomas
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