Puzzle Feeder

Puzzle Feeder

Introducing the Puzzle Feeder - the ultimate challenge for your primate pals! This feeder is so cleverly designed that your primates will have to put on their thinking caps (or rather, their finger caps) to get to their food. The clear front panel lets them see the tasty treats on the top level, but they'll have to work their way down to the bottom to actually retrieve it.

Inserting a finger into the feeder through the holes in the clear front panel and moving it from one end to the other is the only way to get the food to drop down to the next level through the opening. And just to make it extra tricky, the opening on each level alternates with the others! Your primates will have a blast figuring out this brain teaser.

The front side is completely removable for easy loading and cleaning, and it even comes with a lockable front and (2) keys with a flexible wristband. Additional keys are also available - because let's face it, your primate friends are notorious for losing things.

The Puzzle Feeder is made from virtually shatter-proof polycarbonate, which is perfect for those extra-aggressive animals. And don't worry about it retaining water - all corners are cut to allow water to escape to the bottom level. The standard size is 16" x 4" x 16" tall, but any dimensions or alterations can be quoted to meet your specific needs.

Cleaning the Puzzle Feeder is a breeze - just use common dish soap and water. And with (2) machine-grade eyebolts and (2) carabiners included as standard, this feeder is ready to hang and challenge your primate pals right out of the box. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands (and fingers) on a Puzzle Feeder today!

Price $484.07

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