Introducing the J-Moody, the toy that will make your pet feel like a wild animal! Don't let the still images fool you, you have to see this thing in action to believe it. Check out our YouTube video under Wildlife Toy Box and prepare to be amazed!

This toy was created with the help of the experts at the Downtown Denver Aquarium, so you know it's the real deal. And it's named after one moody cat, so you can trust that it will keep your feline friend and other animals entertained for hours.

The J-Moody comes in two sizes, 31" and 17", so you can choose the perfect fit for your pet. The 31" base has wobble action and stands approximately 68" tall, while the 17" base stands approximately 36" tall. And with 4 wall thicknesses and 32 colors to choose from, you can customize it to your heart's content (and most customization is even free!).

Plus, the J-Moody is made from food-grade plastic and is UV protected. Just secure some treats to the included carabiner and watch your animal work for it. Trust us, this toy is the cat's meow!

Photo Credits

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