Flipper Float

Flipper Float

Entertaining, floating, flipping, and always WORKING? NAY, WE SAY! Give your flippered friends a break, for cryin’ out loud! This fun floating toy takes the work off those tired fins and allows for lounging, napping, or maybe posing for the cameras. Some of our aquatic pals enjoy pulling these toys underwater to see them spring up above the surface, while others prefer relaxing on them. Are these toys versatile or what?

These floats can be altered to a wide variety of applications. They are easy to clean and do not harbor bacteria like a lot of other materials. Very impact resistant, of course! All edges are heavily rounded. Floats are available in circular and rectangular sizes, multiple wall thicknesses, and (33) Colors including the very popular Sandstone. Materials of construction: Food-grade Polyethylene with full UV protection.

Photo Credits

Photo Courtesy of Akron Zoo
Photo Courtesy of Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo

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