Rocky Lou Feeder

Rocky Lou Feeder

Introducing the Rocky Lou Feeder - the ultimate entertainment ball for your animal friends! Why is it called Rocky Lou? We have no idea, but it doesn't matter because your critters won't care. What they will care about is the mirror inside that reflects their beautiful selves as they rock and roll this half-ball. It's like a disco ball, but for animals! Plus, with 32 colors to choose from, you can match it to your decor or your pet's favorite color.
But wait, there's more! With just a few strategic holes, the Rocky Lou can transform into a feeder. Your animals will have to work for their food as they stick their noses in the holes to retrieve their meal. It's like a game of food-finding hide-and-seek! And don't worry about damage - the mirror is recessed and the body is super tough.
So, whether your animal friends are in the mood for some self-reflection or a challenging feeding game, the Rocky Lou has got them covered. And with all the customization options available (did we mention it's fully recyclable and UV protected?), you can't go wrong. Order your Rocky Lou today and give your furry (or scaly) friends the entertainment they deserve!

• Standard with 1-1/4” diameter holes
• PETG Mirror, (virtually unbreakable)
• Supplied with clear polycarbonate cover to protect mirror

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Photo Courtesy of Jacksonville Zoo; John Reed Photographer
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