Introducing our latest product for our furry friends: the Scratch-o-Matic 3000! No more awkwardly trying to scratch your horse's back with a rake, or struggling to find the right angle to reach your llama's itch. Our scratcher is specifically designed for large animals who need some love and attention. With scratchers on both sides, your animals will feel like they're getting a luxurious spa treatment every time they use it. And the best part? The more they use it, the better it gets! As the plastic wears down, there will be even more surface area for maximum scratching pleasure.

But don't worry, safety first! Our Scratch-o-Matic 3000 is made with food-grade, UV-protected plastic to keep your animals healthy and happy. And it's a whopping 40" in diameter, so even the biggest of boys (or girls) can get in on the action. Plus, we've included (4) forged eyebolts and (4) matching Carabiners to make installation a breeze.

So go ahead, spoil your animals with the Scratch-o-Matic 3000. They deserve it! And with 32 colors to choose from and lots of customization options available, you can make sure it matches your animal's unique personality.

Photo Credits

Photo Courtesy of Desert Plastics

  • Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by Jodi Thomas
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