Wobble Ball

Wobble Ball

Unpredictable movement is what a Wobble Ball is all about. This will provide a lot of entertainment to those animals lucky enough to have one.

Available in (33) colors and (3) sizes: 17”, 25”, and 31” diameters. Food-grade Polyethylene and UV protected, of course.

The internal ballast is mechanically attached to the interior with molded-in hardware.

Note: While the internal ballast has been very well secured with molded-in hardware, there is always the possibility that it could be damaged by unforeseen circumstances. Please exercise caution when allowing strong or aggressive animals to interact with this item. Remove at the first sign of damage.

Photo Credits

Photo Courtesy of Desert Plastics

  • Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by Jodi Thomas
  • Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
  • Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida