Attaches to any 47-1/2" minimum width backboard; includes "D" Ring, Threaded Inserts, Stainless Socket Head Screws, (1) Clamp Plate; Bull Nose adds approx. 6-1/2" to the height and the length to all backboards.

Bull Nose: A bent Aluminum extension intended to be mounted onto a Backboard to allow easier patient recovery if tow straps are necessary. The Bull Nose will also spread the recovery force over a greater area lessening the stress on the Backboard.

Our unique Bull Nose allows all sides of our Backboards to be used.

The Bull Nose is designed to sandwich the Backboard between two layers of Aluminum plate using stainless steel machine screws. The machine screws have smooth rounded heads utilizing female hex-drives. The screws do not protrude through the bottom to snag.

Our Bull Nose is angled to ease attachment of a tow strap onto our industrial ā€œDā€ Ring with floating eyelet and to reduce drag friction with the ground.

Price $812.50

Photo Credits

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