Tipsy Tom

Tipsy Tom

Hey, this thing moves unpredictably (just like prey in the wild)! Push it, pull it, swat it, jump on it, and bite it and it still just rolls out of the way and then rolls right back. If you push the top completely down to the ground, it will stay there until you slightly move it; then it returns to the upright position, ready for more action. The Tipsy Tom has been a hit in the water!! The movement is amazing!

Available in (2) sizes. Food-grade Polyethylene and UV protected, of course. The two size options provide an 8" flat top diameter.

The internal ballast is mechanically attached to the interior with molded-in hardware.

Note: While the internal ballast has been very well secured with molded-in hardware, there is always the possibility that it could be damaged by unforeseen circumstances. Please exercise caution when allowing strong or aggressive animals to interact with this item. Remove at the first sign of damage.

Note: The “wobble action” of each size Tipsy Tom slows as the duty weight increases (Medium, Heavy, Extra Heavy Duty and Severe Heavy Duty). The Severe Heavy Duty dramatically reduces the wobble action. If this is a concern, please inquire. We may have a short video to view.

Photo Credits

Photo Courtesy of Desert Plastics

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