Ant Proof Bowls

“The Mote” Ant Proof Bowls have been serving Texas communities, where Fire Ants are a major issue, for over (7) years. We are proud to introduce this unique idea into our product line for your consideration. Its waterless design is a key point. Made from non-toxic Polyethylene, it can be used in indoor or outdoor applications. Dimensions are 11-1/2” diameter x 4-1/2” high.

They are available in (4) colors (Blue, Red, Green, and Beige) but, because of fluctuating inventory demands, sometimes a requested color might not be available. At the time of order, if you have a color preference, please request it in the comments section of our order area. If it is in stock, we will comply with your color choice. However, if it is not currently in stock, we will ship another color.

Price $14.00

Photo Credits

  • Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by Jodi Thomas
  • Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
  • Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida